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July is coming in HOT...

What's up this week?!?  We are headed into the July already! I truly can't even believe it! I'll be sporting my SIC insulated cooler for the 4th, temperatures are hovering in the 90's these days and I need all the help I can get keeping my drink cold!

I can customize these with a set of initials if you feel like you need help keeping grubby paws off your cup! AND... I am adding this option to the website as well. Coolers, tumblers, computers.... may options here!

I added this fun pencil skirt to the website last week and I personally have added it to my go-to pieces in my wardrobe! So easy to throw on and dress it up or down. I have worn it with sandals and a cute top and also worn it with slip-ons and a tshirt.

I have restocked the compression leggings for those of you waiting and I also ordered some NEEEEW colors!! I'll be showing the new colors next week... sorry to make you wait, lol.

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My Fancy Finds this week

Goodness the rain has been relentless this week! It is an Arc builders time to shine!
Brought a few new things into MFF this week and they have definitely made my list of  Fancy finds!
First! These leggings; they are compression which is something I didn't think I would like until I started to spend some time in the gym. These baby's are awesome! Thick and "tight" in all the right places!

Insulated "Beverage" Tumbler.. I chose this size and design for a few reasons!

Size; love that it is easy for my hand to hold. Design; It doesn't look like your classic "wine" tumbler or big ole beverage tumbler. This is perfect for those days when your trying to keep the beverage on the DL (down looooow) Company; I like small companies. ;

And last but NOT least... This cute hat! I am waiting so impatiently for some sunny days!!
These hats are 100% cotton, distressed brim and adjustable backs! There are a few styles on the website to chose from, go check them out…

Happy Belated Mothers Day Mama's!

Yesterday was Mothers Day, and I shared a little post on Facebook that I thought I would share a little more here too! 

For me as a Mama, it's not always the easiest, or the most glamorous part of life, but it is the part of MY life, that I never take for granted!

I will never wish one day away of being a mother to this crazy crew of mine. I might wish and pray for a chance to do better or for the next day to be a little easier, but I'll never wish for one day less with them.

Last night I listened to 3/4 of my crew in the kitchen making me brunch for dinner with my partner Chris, it made me smile and sigh with a serious feeling of contentment because those crazy days make moments like that, that much sweeter. For a minute I might even have forgotten about the stack of towels that still were sitting in the living room or the 42 pairs of shoes by the front door or the house that is "clean enough" for now. 

As we've all grown along the way, I've been a mother f…

Where has time gone?

Thank you Pinterest for the image! 

It has been a LONG time since I have checked in here on the MFF page! Life has a funny way of shuffling us in different directions! Anyone Local knows that I closed the doors to my little store over a year ago - actually I think its been 2 years now! Holy Cow.... I certainly have missed that little spot! But my role in life shifted a little dramatically - I went from being a small business owner and mom to being a single mom and the sole provider for myself and 4 kids PLUS paying for a stupid expensive divorce!

My love for creating never went away, it just got pushed to the back, back burner! Being in survival mode changed my creativity a little, basically my brain told itself to simmer down and take care of business (my kids) and maybe one day there would be space to create again. So, that is where we are today!! Little bits of time have opened themselves up to me, I am able to create little things here and there, take on a furniture makeover, delv…

Craft-tastic Art Camp

Join me for an end of summer Craft-tastic art camp hosted by My Fancy Finds!
Mixed age group, 6-12 years old doing an assortment of Mixed Media projects and Craftastic Fun!!
Cost is $140 for a weeklong fun-filled camp!

You can purchase your spot on the side bar there!