Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Belated Mothers Day Mama's!

Yesterday was Mothers Day, and I shared a little post on Facebook that I thought I would share a little more here too! 

For me as a Mama, it's not always the easiest, or the most glamorous part of life, but it is the part of MY life, that I never take for granted!

I will never wish one day away of being a mother to this crazy crew of mine. I might wish and pray for a chance to do better or for the next day to be a little easier, but I'll never wish for one day less with them.

Last night I listened to 3/4 of my crew in the kitchen making me brunch for dinner with my partner Chris, it made me smile and sigh with a serious feeling of contentment because those crazy days make moments like that, that much sweeter. For a minute I might even have forgotten about the stack of towels that still were sitting in the living room or the 42 pairs of shoes by the front door or the house that is "clean enough" for now. 

As we've all grown along the way, I've been a mother for half my life (literally), I think they have taught me just as many lessons as I have taught them! I'm so proud of them and who they are growing to be. Makes me think that I might be doing an OK job!!!

 This photo is from our family photo 2017


This is the first photo of the kids and I when we first set out on our own in 2014 

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